Case Studies

Need inspiration for your campaign, or just want to get a feel for what works?

Check out these case studies and success stories of charities raising funds using DontSendMeACard.

Shelter – Fundraises Almost 90% More Than Expected

Shelter made full use of our online greeting card alternative over the festive period, fundraising almost 90% more than they originally expected. Read the full case study on our blog

Dogs Trust – Humorous E-Cards

We're a light hearted alternative to greeting cards and Dogs Trust have tapped in to that brilliantly with some of their e-cards that they have created for Christmas and Mother's Day. View Dogs Trust E-Cards

Tibet Relief Fund – Custom Occasion Page

A superb example of fundraising for a special occasion not typically celebrated by everyone. Tibet Relief Fund used DontSendMeACard to create an occasion page for Losar – Tibetan New Year. Their supporter base love the e-cards that they created and have offered offered the e-card option annually.
See Tibet Relief Fund's Losar Occasion Page

Sumatran Orangutan Society – Custom E-Card Artwork

We strongly encourage uploading your own charity e-card artwork and SOS are a prime example of using their library of photography to create fun and relevant e-cards for each occasion.

This ensures that supporters of the charity who already care about Orangutans can send e-cards with that sentiment. View SOS E-Card Artwork


"Delighted about the fantastic sum raised for Action for Kids."
Lyn, Action for Kids
"It was a pleasure to work with for our Christmas e-cards campaign. The team are really friendly and helpful, which made launching our Christmas e-cards stress free. The e-cards tool also worked really well for our supporters and I'd recommend the tool to anyone."
Yasmin, Digital Product Manager, Shelter