Linking to Your Landing Page

Linking overview

When we add you as a Listed Charity we generate a dedicated landing page with your logo and description. This provides you with a central place to point supporters to that houses all of your e-card pages in one place.

Guidance for setting up links

1. Get your landing page URL

Your landing page URL is found on the charity dashboard homepage. This is also provided in your Welcome Email or you can find it on the list of charities.

2. Add the link on your website

The recommended format for the link text to your landing page is:
{Organisation Name} eCards

As an example this would be
Shelter eCards

Example URL code with link text:

<a href="">Shelter eCards</a>

3. Include a supporting graphic

This is optional but helps to provide a visual connection from your site when pointing to DSMAC. You can find our graphics or logos to use here.

Linking to specific occasions

Link format for specific occasions e.g. Christmas

When linking to specific occasions that you are fundraising for, we suggest to add the occasion name.

The recommended format for the link text to your occasion page is:
{Organisation Name} {Occasion} eCards

As an example this would be:
Shelter Christmas eCards

Example URL code with link text:

<a href="">Shelter Christmas eCards</a>

Linking to our homepage

Link format to the DSMAC homepage

When talking about the platform in general the recommended link format to our homepage is:

<a href="">Charity eCards</a>

Where to link from

Linking from pages on your website

This is course dependent on how your site is setup. Linking from your Donate section and your Ways to Support Us and Corporate Partnerships pages are a fit.

The more visibility you can give on your site including your homepage and main pages will raise more.

For seasonal promotions such as Christmas, running a homepage banner linking directly your occasion page is effective.

Having the link in the footer of your site as 'Charity Name eCards' would provide additional visibility to all site visitors.

Why linking is important

For awareness, search, and participation

We don't charge to list you as a charity partner. We do ask that you link to your landing page from your charity website. This is for a number of reasons.

Linking from your site makes supporters aware that they can donate through the initiative.

Since launching the platform a few years ago we have continually invested into optimising the site. Ensuring that you have links on your sites helps your DSMAC pages rank higher and also contributes in general.

We work hard to offer the best-in-class alternative to cards. By following this guidance you're demonstrating to us that you're participating as a charity partner :)

Draft text you can use

Send ecards and donate the cost of cards to Charity Name! Head on over to DontSendMeACard and start giving in lieu of wasteful greeting cards, by sending {Charity name} {charity} ecards.
Switch to ecards, help our charity, and save the planet. We've teamed up with DontSendMeACard where you can support our charity by giving what it would have cost to send cards. You can then send loved ones ecards instead! Check out our {Charity name} {charity} ecards.
An innovative way to support us – send {Charity name} {charity} ecards with and give the cost of printed greeting cards and stamps to Charity Name. Everyone will see that you donated and you can feel good about not wasting trees!