Uploading E-Cards

From reviewing the performance of e-card pages we can see a higher conversion rate for charities that have developed their own artwork.

Artwork should be square at 1200x1200 pixels. 

New image scaling!
** Please note we now scale images to size when you upload them. So if your image is square – for example 2000x2000px – we'll automatically scale it to the correct size.

If your image is not square e.g. 1500x1000 we'll generate your image as square set on a white canvas. **

These can be uploaded via your account dashboard as follows:

1. Go to 'Pages'
2. Click 'Edit' on the occasion e.g. Christmas
3. Scroll to bottom and click 'Upload New'
4. Click 'Update Occasion'
5. Go back in and select your image

Images highlighted green act as e-cards. You can click and drag to change order.

Supported File Formats
We support both JPEG and GIF files, including animated GIFs.

Please save your files using the file extensions .jpg and .gif.

If you try to upload very large image files the system won't accept them. Aim to keep each e-card image at a maximum of 1MB. E-card images should be 1200x1200 pixels. See below for tools to save your images.

Your Charity Logo
The above specifications apply to your charity logo too. For optimal presentation of your logo on our system please generate a version of your logo that sits on a 1200x1200 pixel canvas and save it as a .jpg file. You can follow these image saving instructions.

You can change your charity logo from the dashboard under Edit Profile.

Saving E-Card Images – Using Adobe Photoshop
1. Image > Image Size... Width 600 pixels, Height 600 pixels, Resolution 72dpi

2. File > Export As... Format JPG / Quality 80% / Click Export

1. Image > Image Size... Width 600 pixels
2. Image > Canvas Size... Width and Height at 600 pixels
3. Background should be white
4. File > Export As... Format JPG / Quality 80% / Click Export

If you don't have access to Photoshop then there are plenty of online tools too. Pixlr does the job and you don't need to sign up.

Saving E-Card Images – Using Pixlr
1. Properties > Resize Image > Width and Height 600

2. Save Image > JPG > Quality 80%

Saving Your Logo Image – Using Pixlr
1. Properties > Resize Image > Width 600
2. Properties > Canvas Size > Width and Height 600
3. Background should be white
4. Save Image > JPG > Quality 80%

Please note that we are not affiliated with Adobe or Pixlr and take no responsibility for usage of these tools.