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Send some love this Valentine's Day! With our new charity e-cards you can give the cost of a card and send one of our heartfelt e-cards [Link to Valentine's Page].

Check out our charity e-cards on @dontsendmeacard for #ValentinesDay! It's easier than buying an overpriced card and our charity receives what you would have spent on a piece of cardboard covered in glitter ;) [Link to Valentine's Page].

We've got you covered for #ValentinesDay2024! Choose one of our e-cards to send to the loved ones in your life and send some love over the airwaves. [Link to Valentine's Page].

General Themed Content:

Pledge your love, and the cost of a card to charity, this Valentine’s Day… with

Make a donation on behalf of your partner to a cause they care about in lieu of cards and gifts this Valentine’s Day. You get to send them an e-card and special message. And they’ll see that you put the money to something that really matters to them.

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Pledge your love with an e-card, and pledge the cost of a card and gift to a charity that they will appreciate a donation to. Do something contrary to the over-commercialisation of Valentine’s Day this year.

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Would you like an ethical alternative to the paper waste of cards? Send an e-card this Valentine's Day and give the cost of cards to your choice of charity. All it takes is a quick PayPal payment. There's no sign-up required. Simple!

Here's a bright idea for Valentine's Day coming up. Send an e-card and donate the cost of a card to charity.

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Does it mean more to spend money on someone you love, or give that money to a cause that you know they will appreciate a donation to? If you both have enough stuff in your life, give the cost of Valentine’s cards and teddies etc. to your choice of charity, and send an e-card.


We've partnered with @dontsendmeacard. Every #valentinesday e-card sent helps our charity achieve X (*add charity benefit) *Link to your e-card page

An innovate take on the Valentine's Day card... an e-card with donation! Send yours and support us, from just £1: *Link to your e-card page

Pledge your love, and the cost of a card, this Valentine’s Day… with DontSendMeACard *Link to your e-card page